B-AI-YEUX: la mondialisation par l’image, récit d’une recherche avec l’IA

De: lundi 13 mai 2024 00:00 à lundi 24 juin 2024 19:00

Exposition - installation textile

Depuis quand et comment des images venues d'ailleurs influencent-elles notre perception du monde? Quels sont les impacts des réseaux sociaux et les limites de la reproduction visuelle? Le public est invité à découvrir une fresque textile monumentale de plus de 80 mètres, née de la fusion entre l'intelligence artificielle et l'héritage médiéval de la célèbre tapisserie de Bayeux. Plus d'infos

Lieu:  Hall d'Uni Mail, côté parc Baud-Bovy Lien GoogleMap: Voir

Walking with gorillas

De: lundi 03 juin 2024 18:30 à lundi 03 juin 2024 20:00

Conference by Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka,
Conservation Through Public Health

Is it possible to protect local people and wildlife at the same time? Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Uganda’s first wildlife veterinarian, will tell her remarkable story from her animal loving childhood to her career protecting endangered mountain gorillas. The public is invited to discover one woman’s passion and determination to build a brighter future for the local wildlife and human communities. More info

Lieu:  Uni Mail - salle R280 Lien GoogleMap: Voir

Orchestre de l’Université

De: vendredi 31 mai 2024 20:00 à vendredi 31 mai 2024 21:30

Concert annuel de l'orchestre de l’UNIGE à la salle Frank Martin. Au programme, les œuvres d'Edvard Grieg (Danses symphoniques), Leonard Bernstein (Selections from West Side Story) et Arturo Márquez (Danzon n°2). Plus d'infos

Lieu:  Salle Frank Martin, Rue de la Vallée 3, 1204 Genève Lien GoogleMap: Voir

How can philanthropy influence the international agenda?

De: jeudi 30 mai 2024 12:15 à jeudi 30 mai 2024 14:00


This Philanthropy Lunch will delve into the role of partnerships within the philanthropic sector and explore the evolution of the global alliance between international institutions and civil society, particularly philanthropic foundations. More info

Lieu:  Uni-Dufour, Salle 408 Lien GoogleMap: Voir

Deux conférences “La santé, un bien commun: la santé globale en...

De: lundi 27 mai 2024 18:00 à mercredi 29 mai 2024 20:00

Le grand public est invité à échanger autour de deux sujets cruciaux pour le monde d’aujourd’hui: l'impact de l'environnement sur la santé, le 27 mai, et santé et migrations, le 28 mai. Ce deuxième événement exceptionnel donnera la parole à des personnes migrantes qui partageront leur expérience personnelle et leurs engagements pour un meilleur accès aux soins. Plus d'infos

Lieu:  Campus Biotech, chemin des Mines 9, 1202 Genève Lien GoogleMap: Voir

Guest speakers

We regularly invite prestigious speakers to give talks on a range of subjects. These talks are a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge and network at the same time.


23 February 2022: Fin de l’accord-cadre. Quelles conséquences pour les universités et l’économie suisses ?
Representatives from academic, economic and political circles discussed the initial effects of the breakdown of the Framework Agreement with the European Union and explored scenarios for the near future.

10th anniversary celebration

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Alumni UNIGE organised a great evening on November 7, 2019, which was attended by numerous key alumni of the University of Geneva.

Archive footage:

Alumni Tuesdays

Each year we hold four Alumni Tuesdays. These fun, themed evenings put the spotlight on a distinguished UNIGE alumna or alumnus.

Each evening is split into two parts. First, there is a talk by a highly regarded alumna or alumnus. Guest speakers have included, among others, Ruth Dreifuss, former Swiss Federal Councillor and President of Switzerland; Ulrich Lehner, Switzerland’s representative to the OECD; the writer Joël Dicker; and director Frédéric Mermoud.

The evenings finish with a Q&A session and drinks. This is a fun way to build your network, often in the plush Salons.

Guest speakers have included:

Alumni trips & exhibition tours

We organize a variety of trips and exhibition tours for our members, featuring a UNIGE researcher or professors as your guide. The aim is to provide cultural and educational experiences that provide members with an opportunity to network with other Alumni. They are also a chance for other members of the UNIGE community to share their knowledge and know-how.

Alumni trips

Our trips may vary in duration and geographical distance, and they can cover anything from culture and history to natural phenomena and research facilities. Please note that places for these trips are limited.

You can find out more about each destination by clicking on the link in the right column.

Exhibition tours

We regularly organize tours of cultural exhibitions or research facilities, either with a UNIGE professor or another expert. The CERN, the Fondation Gianadda, the MEG (Musée d’ethnographie de Genève) and the Physiscope, not to mention the UNIGE gallery, are just some of our regular destinations.

Events around the world

Welcome, bienvenidos, huān yíng! Over the years, the Alumni UNIGE network has also grown outside Switzerland, with events, meetings and talks taking place further afield. When we don’t have our own local chapter, we work in partnership with Swiss representations, embassies, chambers of commerce and Swissnex. For instance, we regularly hold events in Japan and Québec, and have also organized meetups in Paris, Mexico, Hong Kong and São Paulo.