Thursday, 23 September 2021


Alumni Tuesdays

Fun, themed evenings

Each year we hold four Alumni Tuesdays. These fun, themed evenings put the spotlight on an UNIGE alumnus.

Well-known guests

Each evening is split into two parts. First, there is a talk by one or two highly regarded alumni. Guest speakers have included Ruth Dreifuss, former Swiss Federal Councillor and President of Switzerland, Ulrich Lehner, Switzerland’s representative to the OECD, the writer Joël Dicker and director Frédéric Mermoud. We always make sure that the subject of the talk is highly topical.

A fun way to network

The evenings finish with a Q&A and drinks. This is a fun way to build your network, often in the plush Salons.

Guest speakers have included:

  • Blaise Matthey
  • Gilles Marchand
  • René Prêtre
  • Peter Brander
  • Ruth Dreifuss
  • Maurice Bourquin
  • Caroline Coutau
  • Anne Héritier Lachat
  • Frédéric Mermoud
  • Ulrich Lehner
  • Jean-Marc Rickli
  • Joël Dicker
  • Grégoire Ribordy
  • Bertrand Levrat
  • François Dermange
  • Luis Lema
  • Tibère Adler
  • Suren Erkman
  • Antoine Geissbuhler
  • Nicolas Zufferey

Farewell night

Celebrating new graduates

“More than ever, the University of Geneva needs to bring its students together in a cohesive community spirit around shared, unifying projects.” These remarks were made by Alumni UNIGE committee member Christopher Chung in 2014 at the launch of the Farewell Night project, then known as ‘Epilogue’.

We pursue that goal each year, bringing together recent graduates for a Farewell Night. This event is organized by UNIGE and Alumni UNIGE in cooperation with UniParty. Graduates are invited to a festive reception (bar, orchestra, comedian…) Varied events punctuate the evening with moments rich in emotion and amusement, and the dance floor is open until the wee hours.

First post-graduation networking event

In line with the spirit of our organization, which came up with the original idea, this event aims above all to integrate the newcomers in the alumni community of the University of Geneva, a network that will be useful for their future in both social and professional terms.

Events outside Switzerland

Events around the world

Over the years, the UNIGE Alumni network has also grown outside Switzerland, with events, meetings and talks taking place further afield. When we don’t have our own local chapter, we work in partnership with Swiss representations, embassies, chambers of commerce and Swissnex. For instance, we regularly hold events in Japan and Québec, and have also organized meet-ups in Paris, Mexico, Hong Kong and even São Paulo. These events are set to increase as we create more local UNIGE Alumni chapters abroad.