Sunday, 24 September 2023


Guest speakers

Top-notch talks

We regularly invite prestigious speakers to give talks on a range of subjects at out annual general meetings. These talks cover everything from social and civic issues to research and philosophy.

They are a great opportunity to enrich your knowledge and network at the same time.

Recent featured alumni:

  • Jean-Pierre Roth
  • Carla Del Ponte
  • Michel Mayor
  • Patrick Aebischer
  • Yves Daccord
  • Patrick Odier
  • Richard Jones
  • Claude Nicollier
  • Michael Møller
  • Denis Duboule
  • Ouided Bouchamaoui
  • Yves Flückiger

Tours of research facilities

Guided tours

We organize guided tours of research exhibitions and facilities. In the past, we’ve visited the Chimiscope at CERN, the Physiscope at UNIGE and a number of other laboratories.

Your guide for these tours is always a UNIGE professor.